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  • Is teeth whitening safe?
    Absolutely! Our teeth whitening service is completely safe! Our state-of-the-art lights and gels are carefully formulated to be gentle on your teeth and dental restorations. You can trust that they will not cause any damage while effectively brightening your smile. Moreover, we have incorporated a vitamin booster in our process, which aids in replenishing essential minerals to fortify your enamel. At our studio, we take pride in utilizing organic and plant-based products, thoughtfully crafted to ensure efficacy without the use of harsh chemicals. This means you can enjoy a dazzling smile without worrying about sensitivity or compromising your oral health. To maintain the highest standards of hygiene and quality, we rigorously adhere to all OSHA regulations. Our team is committed to creating a pristine and sanitized environment for your dental care, giving you complete peace of mind during your visit.
  • Can I whitening my veneers/crowns/fillings?
    Our advanced teeth whitening process is specially designed to be completely safe for dental restorations like crowns and veneers. We understand the importance of preserving the integrity of your existing dental work. Our professional-grade lights and gels will not cause any harm to these restorations or alter their original color. While our whitening treatment can significantly brighten your natural teeth, it will not change the shade of your dental restorations beyond their original color when they were placed by your Dentist. This means you can enjoy a brilliantly white smile without any concerns about compromising the appearance of your existing dental work.
  • Will it make my teeth sensitive?
    The majority of our clients do not experience sensitivity after their appointment. However, a small portion may have mild hot/cold sensitivity. To alleviate sensitivity, we offer a vitamin booster application during the session and an optional red light session at the end of the treatment.
  • How long will the whitening last?
    The longevity of the whitening depends on various factors such as diet and lifestyle, so it varies. Typically, the results last 3-6 months, which is why we offer touch-up options to help keep your smile bright!
  • How white will my teeth get?
    Everyone's teeth are different and have a natural stopping point, Individual results vary on factors such as current tooth shade and density of the teeth. Typically you will notice your teeth are 2-12 shades brighter after an initial whitening appointment.
  • Is there anything I should do to prepare for my appointment?
    There are a couple recommendations we have to help you achieve better results and a more pleasant experience. We do ask you avoid brushing and flossing for 4 hours prior to your appointment. Your appointment will be about an hour an a half long and we recommend not to eat or drink anything other than water for 2 hours after your appointment, so it is best practice to eat a meal and drink lots of water prior to your teeth whitening appointment.
  • Are there any instructions for after my appointment?
    For optimal results, we highly recommend following a "white diet" for 24 hours after your appointment. This entails abstaining from foods that may stain teeth, such as tea, coffee, tomato sauce, dark-colored vegetables, red meat, wine, and similar items. Should your appointment fall within 24 hours of an important dinner or date, we kindly suggest considering rescheduling to a more suitable day. Generally, we advise scheduling your teeth whitening session a few days to up to 2 weeks prior to significant events, such as weddings or other important gatherings. This approach ensures that you can confidently showcase your dazzling smile during these special occasions.
  • Will my dental insurance cover my whitening treatment?
    Unfortunately dental insurance does not cover teeth whitening because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Some HSAs will allow use of your funds towards your teeth whitening. It does depend on the policies of your HSA, so I recommend contacting them for more information.
  • Can my child have their teeth whitened?
    This is a great question. Primary (baby) teeth have a large nerve and less enamel and inner dentin layers. Due to this baby teeth would have significantly greater risk of sensitivity than adult teeth. We do not recommend our whitening service for any children 12 and under. Teenagers 13 and up, or with all permanent (adult) teeth in their smile-line, are able to benefit from teeth whitening with much less risk of sensitivity. We do sell On-The-Go whitening pens that are a great option for children that may be concerned about yellow teeth. These whitening pens are formulated with a much milder whitening gel and can easily be carried in a backpack or purse. They can be purchased in our office at time of service.
  • Can I bring my young child to my appointment?
    Yes you absolutely can! We do operate out of a shared office with a massage clinic, so to maintain a serene and professional atmosphere for all our clients, we kindly request that if you bring a child with you, they be well-behaved and supervised at all times.
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